Hello dear clients,

this is an important announcement, please read until the end.
And don’t worry, we’re not a scam company, everything will be okay.

The last days we had many unexpected difficulties. As you know, the deposit system is out of work and not fixable from our side.

Now another severe problem came up where we also had no own control over.
We want to be 100% transparent and honest with you therefore here’s the true situation:
We have to admit that a liquidity loss happened. A smart contract destroyed a good amount of crypto.
Of course we don’t use unverified smart contracts but it still happened that an error caused a loss of crypto into the nowhere.

We are extremely sorry about this and want to apologize…
We hope you understand that we didn’t do anything wrong. No human mistakes were made. A technical failure caused it.

The situation is extremely frustrating because it means that we have to stop our service.
But as said before, you don’t lose your money. Every user will be withdrawn his full portfolio.
Profits are calculated based on the known rank system.

From today’s perspective it’s actually a good thing that the deposit system didn’t work. This way the exposed amount wasn’t as big. And the worries on your side are less.
We are glad we were able to process big withdrawals before the situation started.

You know we always did withdrawals properly and on time, no matter the amount. We will continue to do so but we NEED TIME to fill the gap of liquidity.
We know a solution to get the amount of lost funds. Unfortunately we can’t tell you how long it will take. But we assure you, you will get your money. Every cent will be payed out.

Please contact us at [email protected] from the inbox of your registered email address.
Your email should include this information:

  • Your full name
  • Your account’s email address
  • Your USDT wallet address
  • Preferred network: BSC or Polygon?

It is important that you send your email from the original address which is registered with us, otherwise we can’t verify you.

To prove you that we‘re not just running away with your money, every user will receive 10% of his portfolio directly after submitting an eligible claim.
The remaining 90% will be sent as soon as possible.

Scammers would never do this.
If we were scammers, we would give you guys an option to deposit now. We know many users were waiting for the deposit system to be fixed so they could invest big…
We don’t want to rip off your money.
A technical failure caused this terrible situation, it’s not our fault and mistake.
Still we take the responsibility.

If you’re very mad at us we fully understand it. But please keep in mind that our platform was always a high risk business. We always told you to never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Anyways, you can trust us that you will get all your money back.
We just need some time.

We will keep you updated about everything.
For any questions please contact @YieldPilot_Support
We‘re here to communicate with you.

We are very sorry and ask for your understanding and patience.

Thanks for reading
Official YieldPilot Team